A week in Barcelona

As I write this 20th January 2020, it marks a week of me arriving/moving to Barcelona. Now, a week by laymans terms is not a long period of time at all. However, looking back on the things I’ve managed to do this week I beg to diifer.

As soon as me and Georgina arrived, we knew exactly where we were heading. THE BEACH! Despite it being January and 13degrees, we dumped our suitcases in the flat and after a discussion and tour of the flat with the landlord – we walked straight down to the beach. Side Note: we aren’t silly, we were going to swim!!! We just wanted to find a cute restaurant by the beach so we could eat with a sea view!

Thankfully, we live so close to the beach that we were there in no time and after taking in the beauty that is Barcelona Beach, the hunger hit us in full force. We were hungry and needed to eat NOW!! This being both of our first times in Barcelona, we were spoilt for choice with all the delicases on offer and in the end, decided on this cute little burrito shop called Señor Burrito where we treated ourselves to some yummy burritos and frozen margaritas.

We also tried out the metro system for the first time as we headed to Primark in the Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre to buy some bedding and accessories for the flat. Me and Georgie being massive shopaholics then managed to spend 3 hours in Alcampo after being in shock at the amount and variety of items that they sold.

I think by Wednesday, we had completely crashed.. (Yes Jetlag from a 2 hour flight is a real thing!) We headed further into Passeig de grácia to find a cute little place and stumbled across Pudding Cafe.. A cute fairytale themed cafe with an interior to die for and a menu that pleases the tastebuds! After filling up we returned to doing our favourite hobby.. Primark Shopping (inside joke haha) before heading back home to unwind.

The next day we were women on a mission! We both needed rugs for our bedrooms and weren’t going to stop until we found them. We headed to the famous La Rambla and looked in shop after shop after shop until we both managed to find rugs we like in Zara Home. Believe it or not, this pretty much took us all day (we are both indecisive, hence the reason we visited 2000 shops haha), so we were pretty parched by the time we were ready to head home so headed to the famed Pans & Co for some delicious crossiants before leaving.

On Thursday we had our first welcome event so headed to Sarria where our university is. We got to meet some lovely people and had a tour of the university and its facilities which pretty much amped us as we couldn’t wait to start! After the induction finished we posed to take some pictures with the beautiful scenery outside the university before hurrying home to edit and release our podcasts (Priorities!!)

Friday 17th was the Catalan for dummies class, it was a short workshop put on by the university in which they taught us basic Catalan words and phrases that we would pretty much need to use throughout our time in Barcelona. This was held at the Sant Cugat campus of our uni so it saw us taking a train outside of Barcelona for the first time. The workshop was proceeded by a talk on cultural shock where we discussed the symptoms of shock and ways to overcome them. In the evening we headed to a local bar called Mirinda where we met up with some of the other exchange students and had a really nice evening exchanging cultural differences and swapping stories from back home.

Saturday saw us going on a guided tour of Barcelona courtesy of our host university. The tour started in on a bus taking us from Tibidabo and saw us passing famous buildings and streets such as Diagonal, La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló before heading to Arc de Triomf where we got off and walked through Parc de la Ciutadella, visited El Born Cultural Centre and passed the Picasso Museum before terminating at Plaça de Catalunya.

After the tour, myself and Georgie headed to Mercado de La Boqueria to take a look at the beautiful stalls. We ended up coming across one of the cutest little bubble tea stalls where we ordered the mango mousse tea (which was SOOO good by the way) and had such a lovely talk with the woman working there. We planned to go straight home after this however myself and georgie are both easily distracted by shops and before we knew it – we were in a boutique getting our feet done at a fish spa! It was both ticklish yet calming and is definitely an experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. We then finally made it home to get some rest before heading out to our first night out in Barcelona at Club Razzmatazz!!!

As you can imagine, by Sunday we were pretty much slumped. We spent most of the day in bed before headin to the local supermarket to buy some snacks. That was before remembering it was Sunday and most big coorparations were closed… No snacks for us, but hey at least that meant we were that little bit healthier haha

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