Once my application had been approved and my place at UIC had been confirmed, you can imagine the relief I felt. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Although there were still a lot of prep I had to do before I could leave, it felt as though I was a hell of a lot closer to leaving than I had been before.

Moving abroad is a big deal in itself, packing up all of your wordly possessions to start a new life somewhere 100s of miles away from home. For many of my coursemates, this was something that they had already been accustomed to having moving from abroad to study at university in London. For me however, someone who has lived at home her whole life and never been away for more than 2/3 weeks at a time – this was going to be hard. Thankfully I had one of my closest friends and classmates doing the journey with me – Georgina Blackwell. As we have quite a lot of hobbies and things in common, I felt better knowing that her presence would make this step in my life a little bit easier.

The next thing for us to do once we had been confirmed was to then choose our modules. Thankfully, me and georgina have similar career aspirations for when we leave university so ended up wanting to pick the same modules at UIC: Entertainment production, Transmedia & Storytelling and Audiocreation Workshop. We confirmed our choices with our course director who ensured us that these were okay for us to study and then sent our choices off to UIC.

Moving to another city/country always presents the same questions when looking for accommodation. Do I want to be close to the university, or the shops? The tourist attractions or the night life? See for us back in london, we were lucky enough to not have this problem. Our university is in Central London meaning that it was easily accessible for all of us, and had easy access to shopping districts like Oxford Street and Great nightlife in shoreditch/soho. We wanted something like this in Barcelona and how lucky were we to find something like that. After weeks of searching 2 bed flats that were either out of our price range or too far away from our new university, we managed to find our cute little flat. Less than a 5 minute walk to Las Ramblas and the Beach , within 30 minutes of tourists sights such as La Sagrada Familia and Gaudi House museum and only 40 minutes away by public transport to our University – we were in the perfect spot.

We were even more lucky with our search as it turned out that one of Georgina’s friends had previously rented that same flat and had not a single bad thing to say about the flat nor the landlord. We reached out to the landlord and sorted out a video class where we viewed all of the rooms and discussed everything from local attractions and delicacies to paying rent and collecting post. We were so happy with the place that we decided to take it and organised with the landlord a date for us to pay the deposit and move in.

After this had all been confirmed, we had the most important thing to do… book our flights. We knew that we had to fly out by the 15th as we had our first welcome event at the university on the 16th and wanted to be settled into our new flat before this. After much deliberation, we decided that we wanted to fly out on the 13th. This would give us enough time to sort our insurance before we fly in addition to giving us enough time to prepare and pack. We searched thoroughly for our flights comparing prices and times on each individual airline website as well as on skyscanner until we found the perfect flight.

We paid and for our flights, chose and seats and thats when it dawned on us… WE WERE MOVING TO BARCELONA!!!

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