A month later…

I can’t believe it has officially been a month since I moved to Barcelona. To say time flew bye would be an understatement, it literally feels like I arrived last week! To keep you all updated, I have made a list of some of the most exciting things that I have been up to in Barcelona in the past month, hopefully you guys will all enjoy reading!

  • Flamenco – Going to see a flamenco show has always been something i’ve wanted to do, and what better time to do it than when i’m living in Barcelona! Myself and 2 friends headed to Palau Dalmases where we were treated to front row seats, two free drinks at the bar and a wonderful flamenco performance for only 30€! The dancers were phenomenal and the accompanying musician played absolutely beautifully. This place will definitely be seeing me again before I leave!
  • Picasso Museum – With the Picasso Museum literally one our doorsteps, myself and my friend Georgina had no excuse not to visit it! Along with two of our friends, we headed to the museum on a Thursday Evening when we able to get free entry to the museum (insider tip). Although the museum was quite small we easily spent over an hour there taking in all of the art and exhibitions. An outing with the four of us however, isn’t complete without beer so after the museum we headed to one of our favourite spots ‘The Black Sheep’ for a pint. Photos from the Museum are up on my Photos tab!

  • Dining on La Ramblas – When visiting Barcelona, one of the spots you CANNOT not go and see is La Ramblas! The shopping district is full of your typical high street brands, cute and cosy cafes and Spanish Delicatessens. This is where we came across La Terraza Restaurant and had the most amazing Paella and Carbonara! The cocktails served there are huge so Georgina and I decided to share a Blue Lagoon Mojito. We received such a great service here too and the price was surprisingly good for a restaurant on Ramblas – we both left with our stomachs bursting!
  • Santa Eulalia Festival – This was honestly the most insane and crazy street festival I have ever seen in my life. Think of the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night multiplied by 10 and aimed straight at you (not intending to cause harm of course)! I’ve uploaded pictures from the festival onto my photos tab so you can all see for yourself just how CRAZY it is! Myself and Georgina almost didn’t go as we were both feeling pretty under the weather that day. We are so thankful that we did though as it is genuinely a memory that stays with you for a lifetime. The festivities typically go on for a week however due to our class schedules and being unwell – we were only able to attend one day 😦

As I type this it is still a bit surreal to me that this has all happened in the space of a month. This is nowhere near everything that Georgina and I have been up to in the last couple of weeks but these are instead, some of the most memorable. Hopefully throughout our time in Barcelona, this list will become a lot longer and a lot more detailed aha!

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